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our mission

We Harmonize Aesthetics
Surgery with Artistry

Every individual's appearance tells a different story and possesses a unique silhouette.
Our goal is to preserve this uniqueness.

how we work

Customized approach for your unique needs

Since the needs of each individual are different, we customize our processes for each person and make them perfect.


Preliminary interview, and details about procedures


Check-ups, surgery date, travel, and lodging


Transportation, examination, and hospital stay

Post-Op Care

Follow-up examinations, health checks, and discharge
amazing results

Before and After

You can visit our "results" page to view the outcomes of other operations, and feel free to contact us for more detailed information.


Meet Dr. Aliyev

Esthetic surgery is safe & effective

Recovery varies by procedure, but expect initial swelling and discomfort. Our team provides post-op guidance for a smooth process.

Your procedure takes place in our advanced, hygienic hospital with experienced professionals ensuring your safety and comfort.

Risks include infection, scarring, and anesthesia reactions. We assess your health history and take precautions to minimize complications.





Valuable reviews from our patients


We sincerely thank all our patients who trust us.

Due to my discomfort with excess fat in the abdominal region, I had been considering aesthetic surgery. After meeting with Dr. Aliyev’s team, I overcame all my concerns and anxieties and made the decision. Throughout the entire process, their informative approach to every detail and their ability to ensure a smooth journey toward achieving the desired look left me extremely grateful.

Amalia Van de Berg 


I was searching for a cosmetic surgeon in Turkey for breast augmentation surgery. After seeing the surgeries performed by Dr. Aliyev and having an initial consultation with him, I decided within a month and traveled to Istanbul. Throughout the journey, including accommodation, consultations, and preparation, I was guided by an incredibly professional team. They led me through the process seamlessly. I can’t thank them enough for my current new appearance.

Heidi Weber


I had to have a rhinoplasty operation because I wanted to change the appearance of my nose and its external structure. After seeing the aesthetic operations he performed with almost similar results to the structure of my nose, its problems, and the appearance I wanted, I decided to take this path with Doctor Aliyev. He is a very honest, transparent, and friendly person, I will definitely visit you when I come to Istanbul again.

Laura Holzer


My husband and I decided to undergo rhinoplasty surgery. Learning about the highly skilled surgeons in this field in Turkey, we opted for surgery in Istanbul, the most convenient location for us. Upon viewing surgery photos on Dr. Aliyev’s Instagram account, we arranged an online meeting with him. Our surgeries proceeded seamlessly, and within two weeks, we were back at work, resuming our regular routines.

Lucie & Albert Mertens

Discover Yourself In Turkey

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