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In order to improve the contours, size, or shape of the buttocks, Buttock Augmentation or gluteal augmentation is used. During this surgery, either buttocks implants and fat grafting or a combination of the two is used. Basically, silicone-filled buttock implants are surgically placed deep within the tissues of the buttock. It is also must be pointed out that, if fat grafting is used, then the fat from other parts body is transferred into the tissues of the buttocks. This technique is indeed sometimes called Brazilian Butt Lift.

As a result of surgery, the following results can be achieved:

  • The balance of the figure is improved.
  • The self-confidence is enhanced.
  • Fullness, roundness, and projection of buttocks are increased.

It should be noted that applying buttock augmentation, is not intended to remove excessive fat, but to use fat grafting or implants to add volume to the buttocks, to make them look more round, full, and projected.

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